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Empower Leadership: Nicki’s Transformative Speaking

Nicki Vo bridges the gap between leadership challenges and success. Dive deep into the science of effective leadership with her guiding voice.

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Hi, my name is Nicki Vo, and I am a Speaker and Leadership Coach.

A decade ago, amid personal challenges, I uncovered my leadership passion. Witnessing gaps in effective leadership propelled me into a deep dive into leadership’s essence. After reading countless resources, obtaining an MBA in strategy and executive leadership, and hands-on experimentation, I’ve honed in on leadership’s best practices. I empathize with aspiring leaders battling imposter syndrome, feeling overwhelmed, or undervalued. That’s why I’m dedicated to guiding ambitious leaders who feel trapped in their current role, knowing they’re meant for more. I’m here to help you embrace and market your unique skills, ensuring you rise to your leadership potential.

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Transformative Insights for Tomorrow's Leaders

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Nicki's sessions are more than just talks. They're guiding narratives that inspire, educate, and empower.

Insider Expertise: With 18 years in the Chemical Research & Development field, Nicki brings real-world experience to every talk, offering actionable insights tailored for today's leaders.

Empowering Ambitious Leaders: Recognized as a top MBA talent, Nicki's talks inspire ambitious leaders at all management levels, instilling confidence and actionable strategies for those feeling overwhelmed or ineffective.

Strategic Leadership Blueprint: From building high-performing teams to setting multi-year strategies, benefit from Nicki's hands-on experience in driving transformative change and fostering cultures of innovation excellence.

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A Voice that Echoes Leadership

Ever felt the frustration of being trapped in your career despite possessing skills, experience, and an unwavering commitment?

Just like you, Nicki has stood at that crossroads, battling multiple profound career challenges, especially in the pursuit of advancing her leadership journey. She vividly recalls the days of pouring time and money into acquiring mountains of leadership knowledge, hoping they'd be the key to unlocking her career success. But amidst an ocean of advice, that key remained elusive – until now.

Nicki's revelation came through the discovery that the solution lies not in external resources, but within ourselves. The KEY is to unearth our distinct gifts, shape our leadership identity, and construct an internal operating system that fortifies an unshakeable core capable of conquering any obstacle.

Armed with a decade of leadership experience, Nicki has spearheaded high-performing teams and mentored emerging leaders, guiding them through unthinkable trials and monumental triumphs. Her lesson is clear: the cornerstone is building an unshakeable core, and it all starts with YOU!

In Nicki's impactful session, you'll learn the #1 factor hindering your ascent to the peak of your leadership potential. She presents a straightforward 3-step GPS roadmap, tailor-made to help you carve out your unshakeable core. Moreover, you'll leave invigorated with an unwavering drive to embrace your leadership calling.

Join Nicki's transformative talk and rewrite your narrative. Let your leadership career flourish, fueled by authenticity, resilience, and a resolute march toward unparalleled accomplishment.

Their Success is Our Testament.

From hesitation to leadership dominance: our clients now reign with unshakable confidence

"I love every opportunity to hear Nicki speak and recommend bringing your notebook and pen and be prepared to be delighted and elated in her excellent training presentation style.”

John Anderson

MBC Director

"Nicki is spellbinding. She is a fantastic storyteller and an outstanding and relatable speaker. I highly recommend Nicki for your leadership events as someone who will totally engage your audience.”

yvonne lumsden-dill

President at LumsDill Communications

"Nicki combines a broad and scientific knowledge of materials and applications with a strong understanding of their application within the marketplace. This technology is complemented by her outstanding leadership skills, which have led to countless proven results in best-in-class solutions aligned with strategy and needs of the business.”

David Roberts

President at Poly M Vations

“Nicki has world-class capabilities in the science and art of solving complex chemistry formulation problems. Nicki is also an outstanding leader, capable of inspiring teams towards excellence, either at customer facilities or at her laboratory.” 

Rafael Mier

VP of Business Development

“Numerous long-standing issues were revisited by Nicki. Remarkably, many old issues were quickly remedied by her. She engaged, guided, and empowered the team as they solved old problems in new ways. We suddenly found we were breaking new boundaries with technology, documenting increased productivity, and developing more profitable formulas. Her solutions also reduced manufacturing costs. Those changes helped us meet our tactical and strategic goals in a new and more effective manner.”

Glen Polzin

Business and Technical Manager

“I have always valued good mentors and Nicki has been one of the best I came across. She is not only skillful in what she does, but also is genuinely passionate about developing others. I worked with her for a few months, but in those few months, she mentored me, guided me in a way that I still use her teachings on a daily basis. Most importantly, she has helped me to choose a value-driven life, and I am grateful to her for that."

Sabrina Alum

Chemical Engineer

“You have been an amazing role model for me, put in more effort than anyone would expect from a mentor, and have helped me along with becoming a better chemist and person.  You were the best coach I’ve ever had.”



“If you’re on the fence about leadership training, let me make this simple: work with Nicki! Her approach is transformative, personal, and results-driven. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Jeff Marshall

President & Founder at Prepare2Rise

“Nicki is a passionate leader who fiercely cares about supporting people on their leadership journey. As someone who has authentically faced challenges such as workplace bias and inequities, Nicki has answers that are practical and effective! Lean into her! I’ve enjoyed having Nicki in my corner!”

Jan Frans

MS Educational Leadership, Founder of The Oasis Project

Introducing my Leadership Keynotes

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The Formula for Leadership Success

Discover 3 key elements in leadership chemistry for mastery and success, from emerging to full potential."

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Forge an Unshakeable Leadership Core

Uncover the 3-step GPS framework to developing a strong leadership identity that creates the foundations of leadership success.

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Create Strategies That Actually Work

Perform the APEX (analysis, planning, execution) method that develops pragmatic strategies that will turn ideas into reality.


Gain key takeaways that you can infuse in your leadership abilities today.


Get actionable steps that will uplift your leadership and inspire teams.


Learn the strategies and techniques that will level you up to an impactful leader.

Join Nicki Live: Upcoming & Past Sessions

From intimate workshops to grand stages, explore where Nicki has inspired and where she's headed next.

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Featured Event

Forging An Unshakeable Leadership Core

In the business world, the disease affecting ambitious leaders everywhere is the inability to define and embrace their true leadership identity. Nicki will share 3 simple steps to build a strong leadership identity that builds a strong foundation and will skyrocket your leadership success.

Upcoming Events

Past Events


Executive Summits: Women Leader Series - Charleston, SC

Event: Leadership Series
Talk: Unlocking Your Leadership Identity
Format: Keynote
Location: Virtual


UW-Milwaukee PoP! Series w/ STEM Club Focus

Event: PoP! Series w/ STEM Club
Focus: Health, Life Sciences, & Sustainability
Format: Panel Discussion
Location: Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee Breakfast Club

Event: Networking Event
Talk: Forge an Unshakeable Leadership Core
Format: Keynote
Location: Milwaukee, WI


Toastmasters: District 35 Club Support (seminar)

Event: Club Support Series
Talk: Think Like A Caveman
Format: Seminar
Location: Virtual


Milwaukee Women Leaders Summit (keynote)

Event: All Day Summit
Talk: Finding Your Purpose
Format: Keynote
Location: Milwaukee, WI

Females in Food (FIF) Table Talks (speaker)

Event: Table Talk
Talk: Finding Your Internal Compass
Format: Featured Talk
Location: Virtual

I have taken many nuggets from Nicki’s talk and find it interesting that, 36 years into my career, I can get fired up about trying new things!

~ Wendy Franke

Plant Manager at Columbus Chemical Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the booking process work?

Send an inquiry, arrange a virtual meet, and get your quote. Nicki will then grace your event with her expertise.

What topics does Nicki cover in her sessions?

From core leadership identity to building high-performing teams to strategy, Nicki delves deep into diverse leadership dimensions.

Does Nicki cater to virtual events?

Absolutely! Nicki's inspiration knows no bounds, be it physical or virtual.

What's the duration of a typical speaking session?

Duration varies based on event requirements, but Nicki ensures every minute is packed with value.

Is there a follow-up or Q&A session post the talk?

Yes, Nicki believes in engaging her audience, ensuring clarity, and fostering interactive discussions.

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