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NIVO Innovations Success

New Innovation Margins

Quadrupled (increased 4X) in 3 Years

New Product Launches

65+ launched, resulting in $45+ million in new revenue

Agile Stage-Gate Implementation

Reduced product launch times from 2+ years to 6-9 months

Developed High-Performing Teams

Transformed struggling and dysfunctional teams to being highest engaged and performing teams for 3 companies


Developed and implemented strategies in business development, innovations, organizational redesign, new process, and workflow optimization for 3 companies

Leadership Development

Coached and mentored 45+ professionals and 20+ emerging leaders.

Overwhelmed with Team Leadership?

Transitioning into vast team management can be daunting, but you're not alone.

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Elevate Your Leadership Strategy.

Our tailored approach is your roadmap to confidence, efficiency, and leading with influence.


Leadership tools for ambitious leaders.


Direct coaching from industry stalwart, Nicki Vo.

Endless Growth

Lifetime community access for continuous evolution.

Comprehensive Modules for Integrated Leadership.

Leadership Foundations

Ignite personal growth & hone self-awareness. Forge an unshakeable leadership core to your leadership success.

Emerging Leadership

Craft strategies, solve problems, decide with authority. Learn negotiations, time management, and automating workflows to fast-track your leadership.

Social Leadership

Cultivate relationships with team, peers, & superiors. Learn the strategies to elevate your visibility, including networking and having a social media presence.

Team Leadership

Forge high-performing teams by learning the key tools such as psychological safety, coaching and mentoring, create team goals and developing long-term strategies.

Executive Leadership

Develop skills to lead, inspire and motivate organizations towards a shared vision. Foster cultures of innovation excellence and develop your executive presence.

+3 Bonus Models

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Strategic Analysis

Learn the APEx framework to develop, initiate, and execute effective strategies that builds a sustainable competitive advantage and lands long-term visionary goals.

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Innovation Management

Create and manage innovations from ideation to a successful market launch through best practices and project management.

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Change Management

Learn effective strategies that help to navigate transformations and implement sustainable change throughout the organization.

Dive into Transformative Leadership Coaching

Discover tools, strategies, and mentorship to redefine your leadership journey.

lifetime access

Key Benefits

Lifetime access to the NIVO Leadership Program modules

Lifetime access to the NIVO Community

1-year of VIP group coaching ($7,200 value)

Learn from a top 40 nationwide MBA graduate from a top ten school

Get access to 10 years of high-level leadership best practices from Nicki

Bonus 1: Strategic Analysis Module ($1,500 value)

Bonus 2: Innovation Management Module ($2,000 value)

Bonus 3: Change Management Module ($1,000 value)

Bonus 4: 16 sessions of 1-on-1 coaching with Nicki ($4,000 value, limited time offer)

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Leaders Sculpted, Dreams Realized.

Where hesitation once prevailed, our graduates now lead with unwavering confidence.

"Nicki is an outstanding innovator in helping others gain confidence and clarity in her development style of training.”

John Anderson

MBC Director

"Nicki combines a broad and scientific knowledge of materials and applications with a strong understanding of their application within the marketplace. This technology is complemented by her outstanding leadership skills, which have led to countless proven results in best-in-class solutions aligned with strategy and needs of the business.”

David Roberts

President at Poly M Vations

“Nicki has world-class capabilities in the science and art of solving complex chemistry formulation problems. Nicki is also an outstanding leader, capable of inspiring teams towards excellence, either at customer facilities or at her laboratory.” 

Rafael Mier

VP of Business Development

“Numerous long-standing issues were revisited by Nicki. Remarkably, many old issues were quickly remedied by her. She engaged, guided, and empowered the team as they solved old problems in new ways. We suddenly found we were breaking new boundaries with technology, documenting increased productivity, and developing more profitable formulas. Her solutions also reduced manufacturing costs. Those changes helped us meet our tactical and strategic goals in a new and more effective manner.”

Glen Polzin

Business and Technical Manager

“I have always valued good mentors and Nicki has been one of the best I came across. She is not only skillful in what she does, but also is genuinely passionate about developing others. I worked with her for a few months, but in those few months, she mentored me, guided me in a way that I still use her teachings on a daily basis. Most importantly, she has helped me to choose a value-driven life, and I am grateful to her for that."

Sabrina Alum

Chemical Engineer

“You have been an amazing role model for me, put in more effort than anyone would expect from a mentor, and have helped me along with becoming a better chemist and person.  You were the best coach I’ve ever had.”



“If you’re on the fence about leadership training, let me make this simple: work with Nicki! Her approach is transformative, personal, and results-driven. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Jeff Marshall

President & Founder at Prepare2Rise

“Nicki is a passionate leader who fiercely cares about supporting people on their leadership journey. As someone who has authentically faced challenges such as workplace bias and inequities, Nicki has answers that are practical and effective! Lean into her! I’ve enjoyed having Nicki in my corner!”

Jan Frans

MS Educational Leadership, Founder of The Oasis Project

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Not Just Leadership; A New Way To Lead That Makes An Impact

With Nicki's rich industry experience, NIVO addresses unique challenges faced by ambitious leaders who are tired of the old, traditional way of leading. Days of 'top-down, command and control' are over! Learn a new way to effectively lead that gets results and makes an everylasting impact!

Elevate Your Leadership Journey

Get exclusive access to Nicki Vo and a lifetime gateway to a nurturing community.

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Your Questions, Answered.

Clarity to navigate your leadership journey.

Is the course suitable for someone new to a leadership role?

Absolutely. The course is tailored for ambitious leaders at all leadership levels, ensuring everyone finds value.

What if I can't complete the course in a year?

No worries. You have lifetime access to the program's content.

How often can I interact with Nicki?

The program includes direct coaching sessions with Nicki, ensuring personalized mentorship.

Are there any group discussions or networking opportunities?

Yes, the lifetime community access offers endless networking opportunities with fellow leaders.

Can I get a preview of the course content?

We offer a free 1-hour masterclass, giving you a glimpse of the transformative journey ahead.

Start Today, Lead Tomorrow!

Your leadership ascent awaits. Join the NIVO revolution now.

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